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How many times have you wanted to change the format of a document, an image, or an audio file at the last minute but found yourself out of your house?

ILoveFile is an online service designed to convert any file types you might need from any device with an Internet connection.

This web platform serves as an efficient and quick solution to transform your files when, for example, they aren't compatible with someone else's computer. With ILoveFile, all you have to do is upload your files and choose the formats in which you want to export them.

The webpage's interface is divided into four sections: image, text, audio, and ebook converters. Once you've clicked the one you need, all you have to do is upload your file to the page and select the format. It's that simple. Once the conversion is complete, the file will be downloaded automatically.

ILoveFile can be used by both registered and external users. If you aren't registered, you can convert up to 10 files at once, as long as they don't take up more than 70MB total. The files will be available on the cloud for 60 minutes, and you can download them up to five times.

Registered users, on the other hand, can convert up to 15 files at once, with a maximum total size of 100MB. The files will be available for 90 minutes and you can download them up to eight times.

- Output image formats: JPEG, BMP, PDF, TIF, EPS, GIF, ICO, PSD, PCX, TGA and WBMP.
- Output document formats: TXT, ODT, PDF, DOC, ODS and WPD.
- Output audio formats: FLAC, AIFF, M4A, OGG and WAV.

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